Business Consulting

Before managing a deep analysis of a financial planning or a business transaction, we can provide strategic tactical and operational advice about the company, so to provide our Client with all needed information to adopt the correct decision. If necessary, team members support the customer in the Board of Directors or Statutory Auditors for all the duration of the projects.

Corporate Finance
We are able to set up a dedicated team with multi-disciplinary skills, to support the solution of problems related to:

• equity
• debt
• M&A
• Corporate and Debt Restructuring
• structured finance

 Within each transaction, our advice covers all the steps necessary to achieve the objective:

• strategic, tactical and operational analysis
• analysis, ex ante evaluation and financial planning
• identifying and defining the strategy of a transaction
• identification of counterparties and negotiation assistance
• selection and coordination of consultants in relation to legal, tax, corporate, accounting and financial services
• "cross-border" problem solving.