Financial and Forex Risk Advisory

Since its inception, Valued Capital Management SA has been focused on asset management for private and institutional clients with an investment target of capital appreciation in the medium/long term through the optimization of the risk/reward ratio.
To achieve these results, VCM created products and money management profiles based on transparency, low volatility and total liquidity at all stages of the market.

The VCM customers can benefit from a totally independent high quality advisory service.
Our experts are constantly informed on new trends in the financial markets.

The service is based on our experience and expertise in the financial sector and it works on two distinct levels:

Advice to the client
• direct and personalized advice;
• fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis of all asset classes;
• definition of investment strategies as well as hedging using derivatives (options, futures, ...);
• immediate execution on all the main markets;
• study, analysis and coverage advisory on foreign exchange risk.

Portfolio advisory
• banking counterpart selection and pricing negotiation at individual level and according to customer needs;
• VCM gets favorable terms for their customers leveraging on our negotiating power;
• definition of the risk portfolio: thanks to proprietary computing systems, VCM provides a comprehensive analysis of the portfolio risk profile and identifies the optimal investment strategy;
• evaluation and risk control ex-ante;
• currency exposure;
• Performance analysis and reporting